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~Deshaun Summers:

Fulltime student, volunteer, employee, and a writer that’s writing with an attitude, and doesn’t plan on quitting either, "Writing is my life." Summers shared. "I have endless novels for all reader(s)." Novels to look for by Deshaun Summers: Superhuman, Beautiful Colors, 2015, and many more novels that will be considered the new muscle for many women in this world. Deshaun Summers is also a fulltime volunteer; recently awarded a certificate for National Services by AmeriCorps. "Anything is possible, all you have to do is put your mind to it. I’m making a difference in life, and I’m not letting the enemy stop me, and neither should you." Deshaun Summers is 24, student at Oakland Community College, lives in Detroit, MI.


~Jimmy C.:

Retired from the Juvenile System of Detroit, Michigan, and has seen his fair share of wrongs. These wrongs are not only within the system, but they have a strong placement among the many youth that enter that system.  Although his passion is for correcting wrongs, Jimmy C. has plans to share more than his political passions ... he wants to share varieties of his passions.


After receiving a gift from a friend, Jimmy C. wanted to share Cajun Recipes for those who love the food, are curious about the food, and would love to have their very own recipe book for their favorite Cajun Dishes.

Not a man for too many words, Jimmy C. takes pleasures in preparing delicious dishes for his family and friends to enjoy. Filled with such compassion, Jimmy C. has taken the recipes shared with him, and as any compassionate person may do, he's sharing his Blessings with you!


Has been the mastermind behind many great novels, biographies and short stories; her ghostwriting is the mastermind-mask for many authors. Her passion for being a "Voice for a Nation" started many years ago. But, it grew as she launched a career in journalism.


Online blogging columns, articles and content produced by RONYAE started when she returned to Michigan in 2006, and has expanded over the years to larger audiences.

Adding to her many literary accomplishments, a 4-part short story series titled "Just As I Leaned In ..." exceeds her short story expertise, and is centered as a 'ghetto love story'.


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